Marvel Unlimited Reading List for Marvel Champions Players

Who is this guide for?

So, you’ve enjoyed the heckins out of Marvel Champions. You recognise a few of the characters from a combination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some vague knowledge you’ve picked up through osmosis, and the occasional kids’ cartoon, and now you’re interested in learning a bit more about the ones you aren’t intimate with. Congratulations! You’re me, a few weeks ago. Also: commiserations! You’re me.

This list is a jumping-in point for catching up with Marvel’s 2018 ‘Fresh Start’. In short: Marvel reset their universe to bring back a lot of well-known characters that had been replaced or had disappeared.

What is Marvel Unlimited?

So, what’s Marvel Unlimited? Only bad, lazy writers say “it’s the Netflix of…”, so I’ll go right ahead and say this: it’s the Netflix of Marvel Comics. You pay a bit of dosh (9.99USD) every month for unlimited access to a surprisingly deep library. The interface itself is also pretty great in terms of discovery – you can scroll through dozens of specific event storylines or recommendations for certain runs (ie. a partnership of writer and artist who continuously took over one character’s issues for a span of time) of a series.

Right then, let’s get to it.

Where should I start reading for each hero character in Marvel Champions?

First off, it’s important to acknowledge that I got most of these recommendations from Comic Book Herald. If you want to read more, and watch a few YouTube videos, I suggest you start here:

My aim here is to make a brief list to get you reading as quickly as possible.


Read Avengers 2018, issues 1-17 (after which read War of the Realms)

With Marvel Champions, Fantasy Flight Games is focusing on MCU characters for the first year or two of releases. It makes sense; people know these characters, so they can be more invested in how damn well thematic the abilities in the character cards are. Because so many of these characters all show up in the Avengers series (and events that feature the Avengers), it’s worth adding the A-Team to your reading list.

Base Game

Black Panther

Read Coates’ Black Panther 2018


She-Hulk hasn’t had a solo series since the end of Marvel Legacy (aka. the beginning of Fresh Start), but she plays a big role in the Avengers mentioned above.

Read Avengers 2018, issues 1-17

Iron Man

Read Slott’s Tony Stark: Iron Man 2018


Read Spencer’s Amazing Spider-Man 2018, or for a recent fun series that has now ended:

Read Taylor’s Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 2019

Captain Marvel

Read Stohl’s The Life of Captain Marvel Limited Run 2018

Hero Packs

Captain America

Read Coates’ Captain America 2018

Ms. Marvel

Read Wilson’s Ms. Marvel 2014


Read Aaron’s Thor: God of Thunder 2012 for a longer lead-in, or just:

Read Aaron’s Thor 2018

Black Widow

Read The Soskas’ Black Widow 2019

Doctor Strange

Read Waid’s Doctor Strange 2018


Read Ewing’s Immortal Hulk 2019

Villains and storylines coming in part 2!

These entries are intended to bring new or returning readers up to speed with recent storylines for each of these characters. If you have any recommendations for other modern essentials, leave them in the comments!

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