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100 PICS Italy



Estimated release date (if applicable): January 2022

DISCOVER ITALY. Find out what foods and wildlife to expect, see maps of regions and famous Italian landmarks, and learn basic Italian vocabulary.

A HAND-HELD PICTURE GAME like no other. You can play it like a quiz with your family (reading aloud the clues and guessing the answer), or use them like flashcards or a guide book.

THE IDEAL TRAVELLING ACTIVITY for kids and family trips. Fits snuggly in your pocket, small bag or hand luggage. Perfect for playing in planes, cars, trains or restaurants.

EASY TO PLAY. Described by a reviewer as “Brilliantly simple”, this versatile picture game is suitable for adults and children aged 6 and up.

BOOST YOUR BRAIN with flash cards designed to improve vocabulary, spelling, learning and memory. An educational game recommended by The Good Toy Guide.