The Damsel's Tale


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Damsel etiquette will tell you that you can never really trust a knight to save you properly, but as long as your dragon needs feeding, you should let them have a go.

In the two-player asymmetrical strategy game The Damsel’s Tale, the dragon is trying to alert his mother to the presence of a devious knight sent to steal from their ancestral treasure pile.

Component Summary:

6 Red Knight cards
6 Baby Dragon cards
6 Mumma Dragon cards

2 Baby dragon meeples
2 Knight meeples
1 Foot meeple

6 2v1 Blue Knight cards
3 2v1 Red Knight cards
4 2v1 Baby Dragon cards

8 Special Knight Character cards
8 Special Dragon Character cards

1 Handicap card
4 Reference cards

Bonus: Barmaids Tale Cinder Card

Extra: Reinhald Card (The manufacturer made the card in the box incorrectly and had to reprint. One card is the same on both sides (this is the incorrect one) and the other has his title on one side)


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